About Us

Welcome to our bow obsession! My name is Yesenia & I'm a mom to our sweet Amora! She's almost two & she's everything we could've asked for & more! My other half is Alexis & he has been my biggest supporter, without him I would have never even started this whole journey. I absolutely love being a girl mom! It's literally everything I dreamed. Amora has been wearing bows since she was a newborn! We have tried so many styles & we could never have enough bows! Amora loves her bows too. She asks for daddy to put them on though & runs away from me. She's a character. As she's getting older & her hair is growing I wanted to try another style. Big bows on clips were discovered & then Twinsie sets. I started making simple colors & really enjoyed it! Alexis, my rock. He encouraged me to pursue this path & here we are now! Just me & my mini family trying to make bows happen 🎀

Please be patient as we learn & grow in this new journey.